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Proopal is about connecting people and professionals. It is the virtual place where you can find professionals in any sector, who provide you a personal service at your place..

You can find a Personal Professional..

Search for the professionals you want. If you think you found your professional, have a conversation with him/her. If you’re satisfied, hire him/her. It’s all up to you, to decide your terms..

You can be a Personal Professional..

You can be anyone here at Proopal. A Power Trainer, a Tutor, an Attorney, an Architect, an Animal Trainer, a Masseur, a Photographer, a Martial Art Trainer, a Yoga Instructor, a Hair Dresser, a Wedding Planner, a Model... You name it, even if YOU invented your profession.

If you're a true professional in your carrier, and prepared to provide a personal service, then create an account and tell people what you do..

Little more about what we do..

everyone loves doing things from where they are. From ordering a pizza to online shopping which delivers everything they bought to their doorstep.

But, how about services? “Yes”. As long as the service is virtual. But, when it’s physical?

That’s where Proopal comes in. We want to create a network of people and professionals, who want and prepared to provide a personal, individual-oriented service at client’s place. A customized service, with individual attention and respect.

Not only that. Proopal help people to follow their dream, use their talents, skills and get paid for it. And work with people they want; work with terms they can agree on.


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