Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I get started?

Simple. Create an account.

Is free?

Yes. Our part of the service, which is connecting Professionals and Clients, is free

How do I become a Personal Professional?

First, create an account. Then you can create a page about you. There, you can tell people what you are doing, your experience, and add images too. Clients will use it to contact you.

Any advices for new Personal Professionals?

Follow your dream. It’s not what everybody else does. Do what you’re passionate about and have the skills & qualifications. Be polite, provide the best service you can. Then you can climb to the top.

What Professions are allowed here?

Any profession as long as they are legal and compliant with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Do you assure the genuineness of the users here?

No we don’t. You must take necessary actions to verify users’ genuineness.